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Organisateur de formation - Travailleurs corporels


Bansi  Morelle, MER student, Bodyworker, Brazil - Norway

Elemental Bodywork

MER is a simple and yet a powerful technique. As I am an athlete, meditator and bodyworker I feel MER is a perfect tool where I can use my personal experiences to give treatment, and the results are very positive! People that have had pain for a long time experience relief both on a muscular and emotional level, and as they see it helps them they come back.


Learning MER from Satyarty has been a gift. He has much knowledge and a fun way to teach with a perfect balance of theory and practice, which makes the learning easy. 


Participating in his courses I have got a new understanding of the body and rediscovered the passion of bodywork !

Bansi  Morelle, MER student, Bodyworker, Brazil - Norway