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Organisateur de formation - Travailleurs corporels

MER Module 3 - "CENTERING" : Release and balance the pelvis, core integration

Myofascial Energetic Release Module III

« Centering »

Release and Balance the Pelvis, Core Integration:

You will learn:


• Learn to evaluate and diagnose pelvic imbalances, and achieve tissue release and pelvic alignment

• Learn advanced movement and treatment techniques for core integration.

• To find, palpate and treat the relevant core myofascial and skeletal anatomy including: the Gluteus maximus, medius and minims.  The  six deep lateral rotators, the abductor and adductor groups and the iliopsoas.

• Understand how unresolved emotional issues and mental concepts create holding patterns disturbing the balance of your pelvis and heart. Learn a comprehensive treatment plan to release these somatic-emotional blocks and bring back the balance of the pelvis and heart connection.

• Pelvic Floor release and integration  Assessing and treating sacral ,pelvic and lower back pain.  Understanding the balance between the pelivs  and

The pelvis – your main cornerstone of structural balance. Your leveler. Your equilibrium point. Participants will learn to evaluate and diagnose pelvic imbalances, apply proper pressure to achieve tissue release and pelvic alignment.


Myofascial Dialoguing will help to connect and let go from unconscious mental restrictions and blockages. Advanced treatment and movement techniques will be taught to help facilitate the process.

The pelvis joins the legs to the spine and is the “keystone” of human architecture, as well as many feelings, and the site of many traumas for both men and women. The twenty or so deep, intrinsic muscles surrounding the pelvis are arranged in fans that hold these postures as well as feelings. This block explores this ‘touchy’ area with specificity and sensitivity

We will also focus on

• the ‘neutral’ pelvis and pelvic support

• pelvic joints and their response in posture, breathing and birthing

• the role of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles in the breath

• pressure systems and pelvic adhesions in the viscera

• the role of the ‘Psoas complex’ in setting the stage for a whole-body breath

Breathing is a whole-body movement that can integrate structural and physiological responses throughout our whole selves. This block will help you explore the breath response in your pelvis, expanding both your own felt sense and your ability to see and work with others.

In all six modules there is an environment of learning, empathy, presence and acceptance.

In this space the students can feel safe to move into new and profound spaces of experiencing their healing powers and the science and art of holistic myofascial release.

The training fosters both a deep journey into learning to work effectively with the myofascial and the understanding and practice of working holistically with the body-mind and feelings as one organic unity.

The experience can be one of freedom from pain and emotional awareness and a deeper realization of oneself.

Throughout the training there will be a emphasis on meditation teaching a space of mindfulness and presence when working with people.