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Organisateur de formation - Travailleurs corporels

MER Module 6 - "FLUID BODY" : Joint release and mobilisation

Myofascial Energetic Release Module VI

« Fluid Body »

Joint Release and Joint Mobilization

You will learn:

The Joint Release Advanced Training is a work that integrates well with the deep work of thee basic training… Through rocking, elongating and softly coaxing movement in every joint, you can recall feelings of playfulness and freedom perhaps not felt since childhood. Experiencing these feelings at a tissue level is powerful and transformational. From this deeply relaxed place, structural alignment occurs, the body works in harmony letting go of compensation patterns, and realizes its full potential once again. often leads to relive a space of ecstatic pleasure that unconsciously brings to mind what we all felt when floating in the amniotic fluid of the womb.

To freely flow energy in the body it is necessary that the joints are relaxed , free, dissolved. Joint Release means " loosen joints "; these are like bridges that connect two parts of the body, allowing movement. 


In the Training you will learn..

• A systematic approach to mobilizing all the major joints of the body.

• Integrative Wave..a fluid passive movement of the whole body called Joint Release.

• Bodymind Integration through movement

• Learning to work with Unwinding as Somatic Emotional Release. Combining  the Unwinding with Breath-work and emotional awareness and release.

• Movement Anatomy

• Communication.. Verbal communication with the client to support release and integration

• Finding the Body’s Rhythm

• Meditation through Touch…Getting out of the way and allowing the touch to connect from the source..

• The Body as a Fluid Medium….Fluid Communication 

In all six modules there is an environment of learning, empathy, presence and acceptance.

In this space the students can feel safe to move into new and profound spaces of experiencing their healing powers and the science and art of holistic myofascial release.

The training fosters both a deep journey into learning to work effectively with the myofascial and the understanding and practice of working holistically with the body-mind and feelings as one organic unity.

The experience can be one of freedom from pain and emotional awareness and a deeper realization of oneself.

Throughout the training there will be a emphasis on meditation teaching a space of mindfulness and presence when working with people.

Food and accommodation

Island: Corfu - At the BUDDHA HALL, Web. site HERE

Transport: All options available on that LINK HERE !

Housing: between 40 and €70 / day for 2 people depending on the type of accommodation chosen. The Buddha Hall offers several types of accommodation and is in touch with accommodation available nearby. 

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Meal: € 234 for the week including: all breakfast, all lunch and 2 dinners (3 dinners not included) as well as access to the practice room. Meals are vegetarian.