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Organisateur de formation - Travailleurs corporels

Registration process MER training in France


Elemental Bodywork organise des formations de haut niveau dans le domaine du travail corporel par le Myofascial Energetic Release, l'abyangam Ayurvédique et la régulation émotion avec la méthode Tipi.

Registration documents below :


Registration process MER Training

in France (south west in the Pyrenees)

To register, you must send us 3 documents:

The registration form, membership to the association and the rules of procedure.

You can send us these 3 documents by completing them online in the links below:

Either by sending them by mail or by post to our address at the bottom of the page.

In this second case, please complete the online registration form above, then send us the registration form to the association (accompanied by its annual payment of 10 €) and the rules of procedure approved by signature.

As well as the payment of down payments: 200 € for the training and 70 € for the accommodation.

You can either scan them and then email them or post them to our French address (At the bottom of that page)

The registration must be accompanied by the payments of two deposit:

200 € for the training and 70 € for accommodation.

( To preserve the good organization of the session, your registration is no longer alterable 6 weeks before the training, which mean that the deposit is not refund 6 weeks before for the training and 10 days before for the accommodation )

Different method of payment for training and accommodation:

  • By bank transfer ( HERE: Link to the IBAN )

  •  By paypal or credit card ( + 4% fee) by clicking on the link SHOP,

  • You can contact us by mail or phone for any further information.



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