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To go deeper in Ayurvedic massage training.

Next module in 2020 (dates not yet fixed), if you want to participate, you can let us know by mail and we will keep you informed as soon as the dates will be asked.

To access it, you must have followed the complete Abyangam massage course (Vata-Pitta-Nkapha and Shirodhara)

If you have been trained in Ayurvedic massage with another teacher, it may be possible to join this module. For this, please send us your training curriculum to submit to Kandeepan and see if you can access it.

Description of marma therapy :

Marmas are vital points in the body where the energy of life is concentrated.

     MARMA, in Sanskrit means "secret": a hidden energy that is contained in certain anatomical places of vital importance.

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It is a place where Sattva, rajas and tamas meet, where eternity and relativity meet.

      A marma point in Ayurveda is defined as an anatomical area in which muscles (Mamsa), veins (Sira), ligaments (snayu), bones (ashti) and joints (Sandhi) meet and overlap.

      It is not necessary that all these structures be present to identify a marma point.

      Marma points are identified by exerting pressure on the anatomical area in which they are located and by detecting the impulse exerted or the pain felt by the patient.

In ancient times, the art of knowing, identifying and using the energy released by marma points by manipulation or pressure was long applied in war and medicine spread throughout the East. .

     The stimulation of the marmas points allows to act on the physical and mental characteristics of the object, which allows us to exert very deep changes, to fortify the tissues, freeing blockages by allowing the blocked energy to be released from the body.


Training programme of Marma therapy ( 2019)

  • Theory and practice of marmas points in accordance with Ayurveda.

  • Muscular, muscular and bones marma points.

  • Use of tailam oils (Ayurvedic oils) for marma therapy.

  • This training will teach us how to use the ancient science of marmas in the treatment of various pathologies, which will allow practitioners to use techniques using only marmas or include them in all massage protocols in a specific action according to the pathology presented by the patient.

  • We will use Ayurvedic massage oils:

  • Pinda Tailam, Vata, Pitta and Kapha Tailam and to stimulate the marmas: Narayana Tailam and Agni Tailam.

Common to both modules:

  • The relationship between yoga practice and the feeling of marma dots.

  • The role of breathing in energy work.

  • Understand the right pressure to apply and its functions.

  • The different techniques of stimulation of marmas.

  • Indications and contraindications.

Specificities of module 1:

  • The practitioner's learning, to receive and create the circulation of energy.

  • Awareness of the hands by exercises.

  • The skin as the most extensive sense organ.

  • Study of bone marrow and muscle points and how to find them.

Specificities of module 2:

  • Practice and study of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation).

  • Stimulation by yoga postures of marma points.

  • The nadis and their networks of circulation.

  • Definition of the concept of Prana and its origin.

  • Definition of Marmas and their energy functions.

  • Study of muscular and nervous marma points and how to find them.

Certified training by:


Teach in English, translatif in French.


Kandeepan Joythimayananda

KANDEEPAN JOYTHIMAYANANDA, is a teacher of Ayurveda and Abyangam known internationally. He is the son of Swami Joythimayananda, he was born and raised in ashram by receiving the family tradition of the art of massage since his birth. He graduated in Ayurvedic from the University of Pune in India where he became a specialist in Ayurvedic therapy, Nidan Chikitsa and herbal Ayurvedic remedies preparations based on the Ayurvedic tradition (Dravya Guna).


Training price :

The registration to the complete training is required (1 training deposit check, so 3 checks of 200 euros

Module I and II of Marma: 2 times 3 days: 6 days training: 960 euros.

Deposit / 200 euros / module, 2 transfers of 200 euros.