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Organisateur de formation - Travailleurs corporels


MER Training

Elemental Bodywork organise des formations de haut niveau dans le domaine du travail corporel par le Myofascial Energetic Release, l'abyangam Ayurvédique et la régulation émotion avec la méthode Tipi.


Certified by Elemental Bodywork
Satyarthi Peloquin 


At Rimont and Ussat-Les-Bains in France, in the Pyrenees and in Corfou in Greece

Are you looking for an efficient and proven technique to help

your clients to break free from their pain ?

M.E.R. technique (Myofascial Energetic Release or energy release of connective tissue) is a unique body work well-being technique  created by Satyarthi Peloquin, that helps relieve pain by releasing the natural ability of the body to rebalance itself by breath, touch and movement through the muscle fascias.

In the form of 6 independent, intensive residential retreats this professional training is a powerful and life changing experience. It will allow you to discover the technique, develop your skills and confidence, enabling you to offer your customers a high standard of treatment. 

You will discover the art and science of the body via supported stretching, the unravelling of the connective tissue by sensitive touch, the mobilization of joints and other techniques.


A certificate is issued to you at the end of each module.


The teacher


Satyarthi Peloquin has been a trainer for more than 42 years. An exceptional practitioner, he has helped thousands of people suffering from pain during his career and continues to give individual consultations in Cologne, Germany. His long experience in the field of body work and teaching enabled him to create the technique M.E.R. (Myofascial Energetic Release).

Passionate and dedicated to this art, today he leads training and workshops that inspire students around the world.

More information on his site >

M.E.R., Myofascial Energetic Release  Technique

The cause of 90% of chronic physical pain suffered by humanity is an over-contraction of the five types of tissues : muscles, fascia, skin, tendons and nerves.

M.E.R. technique aims to relieve acute and chronic pain in order to allow the person who suffers to lead a full and active life. 


Release the body's natural self-healing ability

M.E.R. technique is a unique combination of manipulations of soft and deep tissue, release of joints, energy work, breathing, unravelling of myofascial muscles and body awareness training. This work frees up the person's physical and emotional patterns, activates his or her natural capacity for self-healing and thus alleviates pain.

M.E.R. technique treats the person as a whole (body, mind, emotions...) and an important place is given to study of this to help the client understand what creates spasms in the tissues (emotional repression, negative beliefs, dysfunctional habits,...). The practitioner must develop sensitivity and support, to create a space of confidence where the person can be open to healing.



What will you learn during this M.E.R training ?

In this training you will learn:

 How to practice the MER technique with sensitivity and precision, thanks to a good anatomical knowledge.

How to evaluate the spasms in soft tissues of the body and the head.

How to perform an assessment of the body of  the patient with a body reading of its structures, functions and emotions.
How to perform a palpation : 'the art of feeling' the soft tissues of the body through listening to hands.

   How to release chronic spasms in  muscles through deep, long and sensitive touches.

How to activate the natural self-healing ability of the body and the release of emotional and psychological trauma.

How to prepare for a session and create a space of listening and confidence through meditation.

How to teach customers the causes of their pain and their retention.

How to invite them to do personal work to support the evolution of the bodywork.


Details of the different modules of the M.E.R.Training


Conduct of training M.E.R. and dates 2019/2020

This comprehensive training includes 6 modules of 5 to 6 days that can also be taken independently. A cycle of 6 modules takes about 1 year and a half. You can choose to join one or several modules of a cycle and then complete the others later during the next cycle.


> 18th to 23th June 2019: Module 2 (5 days in France at Rimont)

> 24th to 29th August 2019 : Module 3 (5 days in France at Rimont)

> 12th to 17th Octobre 2019 : Module 6 (5 days in Corfu in Greece)

> 16th to 22th March 2020 : Module 4 (6 days in France at Ussat)

> 24 to 30 May 2020 : Module 5 (6 days in Corfu in Greece) !!! New dates !!!

> 5th to 10th September : Module 6 (5 days in Corfu in Greece)

> 7th to 13th December 2020: Module 1 (6 days in France at Ussat


! Each module starts on the evening of the first date and end around 4 pm on the last day !



From people that have followed M.E.R. with Elemental Bodywork


The location of the M.E.R. training, in France and in Greece

The 6 modules of the training are residential. They are located between France and Greece, in the Pyrenees in Ariège and on the island of Corfu in Greece.

> In France : at the "Point soleil" center in Ussat-Les-Bains, 1h30 from Toulouse airport.
More information can be found at:

> In France : “Point soleil”, Ussat.

> In Greece : at “Buddha Hall”, in Corfu island.

Training fees per module

     550€ for the modules of 5 days in 2019

      660€ for the modules of 6 days in 2020

Payment facilites :

For payment facilities please contact us to discuss and find a solution together

Accommodation and meal rates

En France à Rimont :

   €62 / day full Board for a shared room for 2 or 3 people 

   €72 / day full Board for single room (according to availability)

Meals are vegetarian and cooks can adapt to specific regimes (with extra cost, 6€/day).

In Greece at Corfu:

Housing: between 40 and €70 / day for 2 people depending on the type of accommodation chosen. The Buddha Hall offers several types of accommodation and can also put you in touch with accommodation available nearby. 

More information and contact >

Meal: € 234 for the week including: breakfast, lunch and 2 dinners (3 dinners not included) as well as access to the practice room. Meals are vegetarian.

Other training information :

The training is taught in English and translated into French.

Each module  includes a course manual and videos 

A Certificate of study is given at the end of each module and a final one of the full training.

You want to learn more or register for this training?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or special requests regarding this training. You can then register online by following the instructions on the registration page.