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Organisateur de formation - Travailleurs corporels


TIPI Training

Elemental Bodywork organise des formations de haut niveau dans le domaine du travail corporel par le Myofascial Energetic Release, l'abyangam Ayurvédique et la régulation émotion avec la méthode Tipi.


Complete professional Tipi training

Why sign up for the Tipi Professional Training?

Specialization: Tipi heals long-standing traumas & emotional patterns. Increase your professional skill set and your clients’ recognition

Efficiency: Tipi will resolve a specific emotional difficulty in just one 15 to 30-minute session.

Flexibility: You can do a Tipi session in person or by phone/skype. Save your time and your clients’ time


Tipi Professional Programs are recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (# 128410).

« Tipi Pro. » - Schedule Saint Lizier (09)

(south west France) 2018- 2019

Modules will be organized with Marie Pommier as a teacher.
In the meantime, please find all the calendar of the training dates T.I.P.I. in France on the link bellow :


Description of the training modules Tipi Pro.


Help people ‘in the moment’ when they are experiencing an emotional difficulty. 

This training is for:

–        People in the helping professions (nurses, care givers, doctors, dentists, etc.)

–        People working in emergency situations (paramedics, firemen, policemen, etc.)

–        In sport and education (teachers, trainers, etc.)

–        In business (coaches, team leaders, etc.)

–        And Anyone who wants to help their colleagues, friends and family emotionally.

Through this course you will learn to give an helping hand to anyone facing an emotional difficulty in front of you: bringing them to an immediate state of calm and allowing them to resolve the emotional pattern that led them to the emotion they were just feeling.

Note : This training does not cover the situation where a person is no longer in distress but wishes to resolve his/her emotional difficulty ‘after the fact’ with a counsellor or therapist (this is covered in the module "TIPI INITIAL"

The trainings are organised in groups of 10 maximum

The trainings include some theory but are essentially made up of role-plays using situations provided by participants.

Prerequisite for this training:
Participate in a Public Training
Read the book Sensory Reliving
Do a Tipi session with a Tipi specialist
(for more information, click on the links)

Course registration will be confirmed via email once we have accepted your application and have received a deposit.


3 days – 10 participants

– Learn how to resolve long standing traumas and disruptive emotional patterns with clients or patients.

– Understand how to reach the origin of an emotional difficulty via physical sensations and regulate it permanently.

– Learn the technique and apply it using case studies and role plays with participants.
– Master the French approach that has changed the way to understand and resolve emotional difficulties in Europe.


This course is primarily for health, education and sports professionals, as well as company management. This course is also beneficial for all who wish to master our approach to help family and friends.

The Tipi Professional Training enables you to master the Tipi technique in order to help people in emotional difficulty. You will be able to resolve an emotional difficulty when a person is facing this difficulty in front of you, or “afterward” (retroactively), once a person is not actually feeling the emotion but wishes to permanently regulate an identified unwanted emotional pattern (phobia, anxiety, PTSD, inhibition, anger, depression, and any other unwanted recurrent emotional reactions).

During this training, after learning the technicality of the approach, several case studies will be presented, and practice among participants will demonstrate how to apply the technique.

At the end of the Tipi Professional Training, you will: 

  • Be able to use Tipi to help people in emotional difficulty.
  • Be able to help people (from age 2 onwards) resolve an emotional difficulty that they are experiencing ‘in the moment’ in front of you.
  • Be able to help people (from age 9 onwards) resolve an emotional difficulty retroactively, i.e. regulate an emotional pattern that they can identify but are not actually feeling ‘right now’ (phobias, anxieties, PTSD, inhibitions, learning blocks, anger, depression, and simply all unwanted recurrent emotional reaction).
  • Be eligible to take additional trainings tailored for practioners who have some client experience and would like to take their Tipi practice to the next level.

You will be a TIPI Pratictioner and can choose to appear on the Tipi website as a Tipi professional and start working with clients.

Tipi Professional Programs are recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider (# 128410).



Marie Pommier, French Psychologist, Tipi Trainer

Luc Nicon, founder of Tipi


Completing and mastering your practice

The experiences of each participant will serve as a guideline to understand the approach from the client’s perspective. This module will allow us to review, in detail, all of the acquired knowledge and to develop specific points.


Valider l’accompagnement Tipi.

(After have done at least 50 accompaniment after TIPI DEVELOPMENT)

Each participant will lead an entire session with an actual patient of his/her choice. After each session and training, the trainer and classmates will give detailed feedback and comments on the work accomplished. They will highlight technical strength as well as the points that still need work and improvement. Doing so will deepen the participants understanding of the technique and allow the trainer to see the participants practice in real situations.

Witnessing their colleagues’ sessions will allow the participants to experience different situations, reflect and improve their own technical abilities.

After these 2 days the participants will be certified Tipi Specialists.


Learn how to make a public lecture to teach groups of 2 to 1000 people how to regulate an emotion in situation.

Food and accommodation


  • Accommodations: many accommodations are available on the site of Rbnb in Montbrun Bocage or in the neighborhoods. The lodgings of "Pave" as well as that of "courbère" have rooms of very good quality.
  • Food: Everyone is responsible for bringing meals for lunch, a personal dish or something to share with the group, depending on your preference.



Training teach in French

La formation inclue:

  • Donner et recevoir 5 jours de sessions de travail corporel profond des fascias.
  • Un manuel de cour.
  • Vidéos des cours.
  • Formation certifiée à chaque module par Elemental Bodywork.

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.

Training Cost for 3 days, maximum 10 participants: 

180 E/ Tipi direct, for 2 modules.
540 E/ Tipi initial.
360 E/ Tipi developpement.
360 E/ Tipi certification.
Tipi "formation à la formation publique": Gratuit !
Toutes les formations sont à moitié prix pour les moins de 25 ans.


Tipi direct: 100

Tipi initial, développement et certification 180

Facilités de paiement si nécessaire.

° Modalités d'inscription:

  1. Pour commencer, il est nécessaire soit d'avoir lu le livre de Luc Nicon, soit d'avoir participer à une conférence publique, soit avoir visionner la vidéo qui explique ce qu'est Tipi. 
  2. La participation au module précédent est indispensable pour accéder à chacun des modules suivant.
  4. Un chèque d'acompte au nom de Marie Pommier, validera votre inscription, et est à envoyer à l'adresse suivante :

Elemental Bodywork


31310 Montbrun Bocage



portrait Marie

Marie Pommier

French Psychologist, Tipi Trainer

06 58 02 72 83



Compétences Tipi :

Certified Tipi Professional

Consultations in :

  • French
  • English

Type de formateur :

  • Trainer for Tipi Specialists
  • Trainer Tipi Direct
  • Teacher "Autonomy" to individuals
  • Trainer Tipi with "Children Training"
  • Trainer "Tipi Direct"
  • Trainer "Tipi with children"
  • Teacher "Tipi Direct" to individuals
  • Teacher "Tipi pour les petits" to individuals

 Specialist proposes phone sessions

 Facilitates public trainings